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circumstances, in broad daylight or private, he quits for the day does not recognize what to state. This is not on the grounds that he is cool he is simply subject to an unreasoning apprehension of the specific individual or thing with which he is confronted. At the point when opened oval-formed letters at

the top show up with slanted written work, we frequently locate the progressive person. This author is earnest, yet it would be

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prudent not to let him know any essential insider facts; it is troublesome for him to keep confidences. On the off chance that there are some open and some shut ovals, then he presumably can be trusted with a mystery, since he knows how to hold his tongue when it’s essential.

o Imagine the “o” that truly resembles an e, however it’s most certainly not. In the event that you attempt to duplicate it, you will see nothing superfluous in the composition. It has a starting stroke and an end stroke, the letter itself inside may go for an o. Not at all like the normal ‘o’, which is generally composed in two movements a counter-clockwise swoop, shaping an entire hover,