Catch Big Snake by Digging One Hole

areas are addressed. Every resource needs to be aligned to and have ownership in success of a project
Compensation for all involved parties has to be tied to successful completion/operation of a project, which means the project is profitable. The requirements are in sufficient detail for a

well-defined scope, which can help mitigate risk. Without successful project completion incentives, there is no incentive for sales to close deals that can be profitably delivered. There are many valid reasons the delivery team needs to have joint responsibility in the creation of the SOW Watch Video :

Always be ready to respond when an opportunity presents itself. Pico sleeps most of the day and when he is awake he is largely off in his own world. However, when it comes to food, he is alert and ready. My wife and I food shop on Saturday mornings. When we arrive

home, we spend several hours preparing meals for the next 2-3 days. Our activity is a contacts, or being able to learn something from an article, book or