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It’s Never Too Late to Learn. Up to the age of 7, during our meal times, Pico would stand under the table, hoping to share in some of the delicious smelling food that we were having. One day, I decided my wife and I should be able to eat dinner without a dog circling around our feet. I started teaching him to

go to his “chair”, a place designated for him to wait until we are done with dinner and he is released. When we release him he would get a treat. I was skeptical that he will learn this new Watch video :

command; after all “one can never teach an old dog new tricks”. Pico was 49 in human age and I held no hope of him getting it. It took a while for him to understand what “go to your chair” and “stay” meant, but with treats and my persistence in leading him back to his chair whenever he jumps off before

we finished paid off big time. Now he goes to his chair, stays there while we eat dinner. He gets released with an “all done” command and he is rewarded with “Bacon Bites” his favorite treat! All is well at the Wilson household at dinner time!