Some Tips on Hotel Marketing

When the economy slows, tourism has a tendency to drop. Increasing hotel marketing efforts can help to reduce the negative impact on revenues during difficult economic time. Campaigns to improve the visibility of the facility and to keep the number of visitors steady or increasing can be mounted on several levels. In addition to reaching more people, you must improve the appeal to the people that are receiving the message.

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The marketing campaign can promote the location in which a hotel is situated. Perhaps the climate is appealing, or there may be scenic views and wildlife sightings that cannot be found elsewhere. If a hotel is set in a historical center, that fact can be played up when advertising. Even prime shopping nearby can be a draw for many people.

Service quality is important to visitors. Guests of the hotel want to know if the rooms are maintained in a clean condition and in good repair. If the hotel is marketed as a five-star facility, there are expectations that the sink stoppers will hold the water. Amenities such as Internet connections are no longer a luxury item; they are expected for all but the cheapest lodging. Marketing efforts should let visitors know what makes a facility receive the highest rankings, and why the particular hotel deserves the award.

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